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Fighting the Beast – Dealing With Frizzy Curls As A Man

This is a representation of a man fighting his frizzy curls

If your hair curls, it will inevitably frizz. It’s just a fact of the curly-haired life! But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can do to make curly hair less frizzy

We’re giving you the basics of everything you need to know about taming frizzy hair, including the many causes and what you can do to reduce frizz in the long term. The good news is that calming frizzy, curly hair doesn’t require too much effort!

Let’s dive right into it.

What Causes Frizzy Hair In Men with Curly Hair?

So, what causes frizzy hair, and what makes curly hair frizzy? Before we can get to the solution, we have to understand what causes frizz in the first place!

As always, let’s start with the science behind it all.

The anatomy of a hair follicle is pretty simple. There are three layers: the medulla (innermost layer), the cortex (middle layer), and the cuticle (outer layer). The cuticle is the key to how frizzy curly hair can get. 

On a microscopic level, the cuticle cells overlap to form not as smooth of a surface as you might initially expect. The cuticle layers are more flat and smooth when your hair is healthy and moisturized, but hair gets frizzy when those layers become raised due to dryness or irritation.

All hair types can get frizzy, but curly hair is especially known for it. This is because curly hair is naturally textured and therefore has higher exposure to friction and is more easily affected by the elements such as moisture levels in the air, chemicals or substances in water, or the sun’s rays. Whether your curls start well-defined and frizz over time or can never quite seem to un-frizz to begin with, there are likely multiple factors at play.

The causes of frizzy hair in men can be broken down into two categories: environmental causes and how you treat your hair.

Environmental conditions, a key cause of frizzy hair

  • Moisture (aka humidity)Humidity is just the word for how much or how little moisture is in the air at any given time. Dry, winter months can cause frizzy hair, and so can hot, humid summers. Both extremes affect your hair in different ways. When it’s dry out, your curly hair may have trouble attracting moisture. When it’s humid, your curly hair may have trouble keeping out excess moisture.

  • Chemicals in water — An obvious example of this would be chlorine in swimming pools. However, even seemingly less harmful chemicals in your tap water could be damaging your hair. Ever heard of hard water or soft water before? The buildup of elements like calcium or magnesium causes hard water, which can be rough on your hair. In contrast, soft water is simply water with minimal amounts of these elements and a more balanced pH level.

  • Sunlight — Just as too much sun can be harmful for your skin; it can be bad for your hair, too. UV rays are no joke! While damage to your hair from the sun isn’t as bad as the damage it can do to your skin. It’s still a significant cause of frizz through extreme drying.

Hair management, an overlooked cause of frizzy hair

  • How you wash your hair — Using too much shampoo or simply washing your hair too often is a big no-no for curly hair. Shampoo is a necessary part of a good hair care routine to get rid of dirt and buildup of hair products, but at the same time, it can take away all the good stuff your curly hair needs, like its natural oils. Being too rough on your hair while shampooing can also damage your cuticles and cause frizz.

  • How you dry your hair — Blow-drying is the arch-nemesis to healthy curly hair in both men and women. If you blow-dry your hair to save an extra few minutes in the morning, you might want to rethink that. Heat combined with friction from blow-drying can cause massive damage and frizz. Rough towel drying can also turn curly hair frizzy. (If you’re wondering how you should dry your hair instead, see our next section!)

  • Using the wrong product ingredients — Product ingredients matter just as much for men’s curly hair as they do for women. Sulfates and alcohol are two of the most critical hair product ingredients to avoid at all costs for curly hair to prevent damage and frizz. Sulfates are harsh and take away your natural hair oils, while alcohol does the same and severely dries out hair.

  • Not using moisturizing ingredients — Just as the presence of hair care ingredients that dry out your hair can cause frizz, so, too, can the lack of moisturizing ingredients. It’s true that the body produces natural oils to protect your hair, but for curly hair, it’s usually not quite enough to fight off frizz. (Don’t fret, we’re almost to the part where we tell which ingredients you should be using!)

  • Styling — Once your hair is washed and dried, the potential damage you could be causing isn’t over yet. Trying to tame frizzy curls with a straightener causes similar damage to blow dryers, and many styling products contain harmful ingredients, as mentioned above.

  • Headgear — While it may be tempting just to cover your frizzy curls with a hat and call it a day, you could be causing more frizz in the long run. Hats, caps, beanies, and bandanas create added friction to your hair — and as anyone with curly hair knows, once a hat has flattened hair, there’s no going back until you wash it again. Wearing hats every now and then is perfectly fine, but the prolonged wearing of headgear over a period of time or headgear that is too tight can only worsen your problems.

Okay, so we actually left one more cause out that doesn’t fit into either category, and that would be your health. Side effects of certain medications and conditions such as thyroid disorders or mental health can change the quality and texture of your hair to make it more fragile and frizzy. 

When it comes to experiencing frizzy hair due to health reasons, we highly suggest talking to your doctor first. They will be able to give you the best recommendations in terms of health treatment and/or hair care products for your unique situation.

How A Man Can Make His Curly Hair Less Frizzy 

Now that you know everything you could possibly need to know about what causes frizzy hair let’s get down to why you’re really here — how to tame, get rid of, and prevent frizzy curly hair for men.

You can’t control the weather, but there’s still plenty you can do on your own to strengthen and hydrate your curls to stop frizz in its tracks and prevent it from even happening.

Similar to the previous section, we’re breaking down what you can do to make your curly hair less frizzy into a few parts: 1) simple lifestyle changes, 2) a better hair care routine, and 3) using the right products for curly hair.

Step 1: Simple lifestyle changes

Emphasis on the simple here. This isn’t about going on some new fitness craze but rather making minor adjustments to your daily life that will positively affect both your hair and your overall well-being.

You might be surprised to learn that what you eat can directly impact your hair quality. No, it can’t turn curly hair into straight hair or vice-versa, but your diet can help give your curls the nutrients they need to be strong and to fight frizz. Consider adding a little more foods high in omega-3s, vitamin B, and protein to help your body grow healthy hair.

As for external protection from frizz, try wearing a swim cap when swimming to prevent damage from chlorine, and wear a comfortable hat when in the sun for long periods.

Finally, you should see a stylist who specializes in men’s curly hair for regular trims. This will not only help you look great and feel confident with your curls, but it’ll also prevent split ends from causing additional frizz.

Not sure how to find a stylist for curly hair? Check out our guide here!

Step 2: Better hair care routine

Next comes the routine. Don’t worry, guys — we’ll keep things as easy as possible! You can keep your curly hair from getting frizzy without doing much extra work.

We have a full guide on curl care, but we’ll summarize the basics here.

Naturally, the first step in any curly hair routine is washing it properly. Instead of shampooing every day, wash your hair gently every other day or up to every three days, depending on your unique hair needs to prevent the loss of natural oils and causing too much friction. 

Follow-up with conditioner. (No, 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner won’t cut it for curly hair.)

Out of the shower, run through your hair first with your hands and then with a comb. Brushes are not recommended, as they can be too rough. 

Let your curls air dry naturally, and only lightly pat dry with a towel as needed. If you’re in too much of a rush in the morning and can’t wait for your hair to air dry, consider showering at night instead!

Lastly, end your curly hair care routine with moisturizing products to kick frizz to the curb and give your hair a flawless finish — which, of course, brings us to… 

Step 3: Using the right curly hair care products and ingredients

You know the causes, you know which ingredients not to use, you know the routine you should keep, and now finally, you’re about to know what you need to put in your hair to keep your curls from getting frizzy.

At a minimum, the two types of products you’ll need are a good shampoo & conditioner.

As for ingredients, here are the most important ones to note.

  • Coconut oil is a key moisturizing ingredient and, thankfully, a common ingredient in many products. It’s extremely hydrating and smoothing to the cuticles of your hair — keeping the moisture you want in and any excess out.
  • Keratin, aloe, and green tea extract are excellent ingredients to prevent hair damage and frizziness from environmental stressors like UV rays and pollutants.
  • When it comes to styling products, look for creams or gels that include the additional ingredients of VP/VA copolymer, hydrolyzed wheat protein, and goji berry extract to define, soften, and strengthen curls all at the same time.
  • And the final key, Keratin, is the superglue of the hair world. This nifty ingredient seeks out and works to rebuild any damage caused by UV light, chemicals, humidity, and overall day-to-day wear. 

Thankfully, our Formula F=kx products include all of these ingredients! Engineered with all curly hair types in mind, we’ve developed the perfect and most straightforward men’s curly hair care system to date. You’ll never have a bad frizzy hair day again, whether you try the classic system or the extra moisturizing system.

Save yourself time from wandering the aisles of your local grocery store, and get the men’s curly hair care products you need straight from the source with Formula=fkx!

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