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Our mission is simple: Equip menwith product and knowledge forgreat looking curls.

The Name

Those who are blessed with curly hair owe that fact to the cross-section of our individual strands of hair.

Straight hair has a symmetrical, circular cross-section, with no tendency to curve, but a hair with an oval or asymmetrical cross-section will naturally curve about its weaker axis.

As such a hair grows, it takes the form of a spring. The tighter the curl, the springier the hair. Waves, curls, coils.


Is the mathematical formula, known as Hooke’s Law, that describes how a spring reacts when a force is applied to it.

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Why FormulaF=kx Was Created

How it all started

How it all started

Ten years ago, I would have been the last person anyone would have guessed helped men achieve great looking curls.

In fact, most people didn’t even know I had curls! I buzzed my hair most of my life with a short stint rocking a hard part and combover.. But, it was always something I was self-conscious about. Then, I got a little lazy with the hair cuts and a few curls started to pop up.

To my surprise, I started to get compliments on my hair. That prompted the “maybe curls aren’t so bad” thought, and I decided to grow them out.

How it all started

What we faced along the way

Minor problem: I had no idea what I was doing and my hair showed it. Think of that picture of Albert Einsten with his tongue sticking out.

So, I went back to the drawing board and started working with the top curl specialist in NE region. Turns out (surprise, surprise), curly hair is unique and requires proper product and care. In other words, no more 3-in-1 product.

I figured that if I was having this much trouble, other guys were as well. So, I dusted off the ol’ chemical engineering degree, got out the Rolodex (okay, I went into my Outlook contacts), and made a few phone calls. Fortunately, I was already working in the manufacturing sector and quickly hooked up with one of the country’s top formulation chemists for haircare products.

How it all started

The culmination of our journey

After close to a year of R&D work that included several formulation iterations and working with a highly diverse group of men around the country, we nailed the product.

My goal

Provide men the product and knowledge to help them become proud of their curls. I know this journey has made me proud of my curls, and I can help make you proud of yours as well.