How Hair Length Affects Curly Hair

image showing contrast of taking care of long curly hair vs short curly hair

Men with curly hair who aren’t sure how to take care of it fall into three major camps: those who keep their as short as possible so that it doesn’t curl in the first place, those who let their hair grow out just enough to cover it with a hat or tie it back day […]

Fighting the Beast – Dealing With Frizzy Curls In Men

This is a representation of a man fighting his frizzy curls

Ah, Frizz. The assassin of great hair. Few men with curly hair realize that their “doesn’t look good” woes are coming from too much frizz. It sneaks up, knocks your hair down a few pegs, and leaves before you even know what hit you. Okay, it actually sticks around, and that’s the issue, but you […]