When Good Curls go Bad: The 3 Biggest Risk Factors

image showing a healthy curly hair shaft vs damamged curly hair shaft

Curls can get a bad rap, especially on men. But it’s not hard to understand why; there is far too much poorly taken care of curly hair walking the streets. And spoiler, it’s giving everyone else a bad rap! Curly hair can give you both a professional and sexy look if it’s been given proper […]

Products, Tools & Techniques for Styling Men’s Curly Hair

Example of styling products for men with curly hair

We wrote this (very) comprehensive guide to styling products, tools & techniques for men with curly hair to achieve one thing: demystify styling products. Our goal is to give you the knowledge to go out & equip yourself with the right tools to create some absolutely fantastic curly hairstyles. Styling Products for Men With Curly […]

The Complete (Step-By-Step) Curly Hair Routine For Men

Image Showing Steps In A Wash Routine For Curly Hair

If you read nothing else, read this guide. You must have an effective curly hair routine if you want to rock “wow” level curls. There’s no other around it. This is because, unlike straight hair, natural oils have difficulty climbing the shaft of curly hair. I.E., your hair’s not getting the moisture and protection it […]

How To Understand Curly Hair Types In Men

Curly hair types

When building a skyscraper, structural engineers must factor in multiple variables in foundation design. These include the height of the building, gale-force winds, seismic activity, and soil load-bearing capacity. Without understanding how these variables interact and affect structural integrity, you’d soon have another leaning tower of Pisa on your hands, or worse… While failing to […]

How to locate The Right Stylest For Men With Curly Hair

tools needed to cut curly hair on a man

Finding the right stylist is a key element to having great looking curls. However, due to the unique pattern and intricacy of curls, many in-and-out hair cut providers often leave you looking worse then when you walked in. For killer curls, you need a killer stylist. That’s why we’ve created a guide to help you […]