To help men feel proud of their curls!

For too long, we’ve been sold subpar products for men that have made our curls a mess. We’re here to change that. Our products are backed by science and designed to give you the control and manageability you’ve been looking for.

image showing products for men with different curly hair types

Developed to overcome
the unique challenges
posed by curly hair

Manufactured in Texas,
quality products made, tested,
and developed in the USA

Formulated without: Sulphates, Silicones,
Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol,
DEA or Drying Alcohols

Which product is right for your curly hair?

defining gel for men with curly hair

Defining Gel

From $18

shampoo for men with curly hair


From $18

keratin conditioner for men with curly hair

Keratin Conditioner

From $18

styling cream for men with curly hair

Styling Cream

From $18

Check out the best products for men with curly hair and get up to 20% off.

How our 3-Step System works

01. Shampoo

The strengthening shampoo cleanses dirt and sweat from your scalp and hair without irritating the cuticle or destroying its natural hydro-lipid barrier.

02. Condition

The revitalizing keratin conditioner hydrates your curls while strengthening the cuticle layer & promoting blood flow to your follicles.

03. Style

Our styling products define, enhance and shape your curl pattern while fighting frizz and supplying all-day hydration and protection from environmental stresses such as UV damage.  

image showing product for men with curly hair by a bowl

Still can’t find the right 3-Step System for your hair?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Our 3-step system features shampoo, conditioner, and styling product based on hair length, thickness & curl type. 

Let’s find you the right system

OR read our blog to

Adam C.

Customer Interview

Real Person – Real Answers

First things first, what product(s) do you use?

I use the extra moisturizing system.

What makes you keep buying the extra moisturizing system?

The conditioner is amazing. My hair always feels soft. Plus, I appreciated that the instructions on usage were clear.

Are there negatives with the products?

Ideally, I would like a little bit more hold on the curl cream.

Would you recommend Formula F=kx products to other men with curly hair?

100%. In particular, I love the way it makes my hair feel. I would recommend to any guy with curly hair.

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